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Devin Mace

Metal Art and Crafts

On most days you can find Devin in his shop at the Rawhide Western Town, taming the raw metal while sharing a laugh with the tourists. But his story starts nearly a thousand miles away. He was born on a small farm in Rexburg, Idaho where he learned his craft from his dad and uncle. In fact, Devin is a fourth generation blacksmith!


The tradition started with his great-grandfather, out of necessity to fix little things around the farm. But it was his father, “Grizz” Mace, who became the first artisan blacksmith in the family – he still runs the blacksmith shop at the infamous O.K. Corral in Tombstone, Arizona.


For most of the childhood, Devin split his time between farm life in Idaho and city life in Arizona. As he likes to put it, “we were rich in the country and poor in the city”. After high school, he got a job at Honeywell, working on airplane parts, but it didn’t take long before he found his true calling.


While considering a full time job as a machinist, Devin approached Rawhide about rebuilding their blacksmith shop they tore down and they agreed – you can’t have a western town without a blacksmith shop! Now he forges beautiful metal art, while keeping his family tradition alive and sharing his craft with all who enter his shop.


The future? Devin enjoys travelling country to share his passion, meeting other blacksmiths to trade ideas. More art shows and craft fairs and maybe, one day, a small farm in the middle of nowhere…

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